OtakuTachi -Online- Lootbox Frenzy!

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Today at OtakuTachi, we present you our latest addition to our Online store. A whole range of OtakuTachi -Online- Exclusive Lootboxes. In addition, all new Lootboxes are at promotional prices and every order of lootbox comes with a free mystery gift.

Click here to check out all of them!

Featuring brand new lootboxes from popular series such as Re:Zero, Fate Grand Order, Love Live Sunshine and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.

These lootboxes are presently going at a introductory price of $40 and will have a Minimum Value of $70 goodies contained within each of them! With either a Figure or Tapestry Guaranteed in these boxes, this is definitely not one opportunity anyone should ever miss out on!

In addition, for those who want even more value for their money, we also have a OtakuTachi Premium Lootbox. Going for only $35 during this promotion period, this lootbox contains $100 worth of OtakuTachi Merchandize packed into it. Similar to the previous Lootboxes, these premium lootboxes will also guarantee either a Figure or Tapestry within them.

If you missed out on our previous Pokemon Lootbox, fret not, they are still available for grabs!

All current promotions are available until the 31 May 2018! So remember to grab them and don't miss the deadline!